Driving Checklist

A long trip is a serious test for your car. Even a small problem such as a worn wiper blade, out-of-balance tyre or improper wheel alignment can cause a lot of trouble during a long drive. It pays to check over a few things in your vehicle.

There are two ways of doing this: the HARD way - or the EASY way . . .

The HARD way

Write down or print out this checklist and follow it to the letter:- 

Check the owner's manual
Under the bonnet
    Engine oil
    Transmission fluid
    Engine coolant
    Air filter
Lights and mirrors
Windscreen wiper and washer liquid
Tyres, including spare
Wheelbrace and jack
Steering, suspension and drivetrain components

The EASY way

Book your vehicle into Phillips Garage a few days before your trip and let us check it over for you!

It is also a good idea to carry at least a Basic Emergency Kit and possibly a GPS Navigation System.