Phillips Garage is pleased to offer our customers first class diagnostic services via the RENNACS System.

What is RENNACS?
The Rennacs System involves one of our trained technicians taking a reading from your vehicle's onboard computer via an electronic scanning unit. This data is then remotely fed into the computer database located in Hamilton, here in NZ. 
Rennacs reads Codes and Live Data from early 1990's to 2011 cars.
That's OBD1 style cars, Generic OBD2/EOBD, & Delearship Level Codes and Live Data from 95% of American, Japanese, Korean, Australian and European Vehicles.

Every Rennacs scanner uses a powerful piece of universal hardware designed by Rennacs called the UniPlug.
The UniPlug communicates with virtually any car that has the 16 pin OBD 2 style plug.

Immediate fault diagnostics with the RENNACS system